A Word to the Wise Host
When we say "Shake well' we mean the shaker, not the guests - use a cold towel on the nape of their necks.

When we say Garnish - we don't mean with garlic.

When we say pour carefully we mean as to speed, not quantity.

Whenever we say Cup use your own imagination, eye-cups and egg cups are out.

When we say tumbler - present company's excepted.

When you start to stir things up with a little spoon - watch your step - and her husband.

When you start squeezing be sure it's a lemon or something and not a "Peach" for the same reason.

When we say "to taste" give the other fellow a chance, he's probably just as thirsty.

When we say "whiskey or gin or brandy or rum" we mean OR.

Just because we say "float it" we don't mean your Uvula.

Always point the feet of your guests in the same direction, so that they can find them when they come to.

Don't chisel on the spare drinks (at the other fellow's party) the owners may be outside - gasping for breath.

Don't keep your departing guests standing in the cold while you try to explain how you slipped - or didn't - down your own front steps showing them out.

When you're at the other fellow's party, it's very rude:
To pick up the shaker - and pretend to listen to the music.
To help yourself to a drink when nobody's looking - they probably all are just waiting their own chance.
To remark "How nice and mild this one is."
To whistle or hum - ("Let's have another little - How dry I am - ").  If you can whistle.
To stare, so be sure and close your eyes before you pass out.
To be the last one to leave - unless they carry you out.

- Taken from Perfect Bartending Host at Home (1934)
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